Canadian LED Research Looks to Grow Stawberries on Mars

If Mike Dixon’s dreams come to fruition, Canadian science will spawn the first strawberry or cherry tomato that sprouts on the moon or a planet in our solar system…


…. Making dreams come true. When Intravision partnered with CESRF back in 2010 to develop advanced high output spectrum variable LED arrays for the institutes biological life support research, we had no idea (well maybe we had an inclination) what a distinct advantage it would provide Intravision in the bio-LED marketplace.

Understanding how to use precise wavelengths to target specific responses in plants represents only a part of the controlled environment plant production puzzle. The interrelationships going on during photosynthesis – nutrient uptake, respiration, transpiration, water stress – are of paramount importance to understand how to develop a viable systems integration. CESRF is quite literally the only place in the world with the tools required to monitor and record these variables in real time under virtually any simulated environmental stress and that is a clear differential.  For more information about CESRF visit or to check in on Intravision head to

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