Neap|Tide* is about converging the priorities of business development and environmentalism to achieve ecological, social and economic return on investment. Because it is possible to achieve profitability through sustainability and to do so environmentally.

*Neap|Tide was established by Josh Siteman in 2012 as a consulting company focused on low impact development technologies. This ultimately led to a opportunity to join the Intravision Group in 2014 to focus on sustainable agriculture and the future of food.

Neap|Tide today is focused on sharing information and encouraging collaboration for sustainable and viable agro-systems through the commoditization of leading controlled environment agriculture technology by Intravision Group.


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Intravision is a research based photobiology and systems integration company working with new technologies to advance innovation and development of commercial concepts for narrow bandwidth LED light technology.  Intravision design, engineer and manufacture high intensity, multispectral LED arrays, and both partake and initiate projects within aquaculture, biotechnology and controlled environment agriculture. Commercial systems are focused on turnkey molecular farming of plant made pharmaceuticals, high density controlled environment modular food production and sport field remediation.

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