Light Systems

The Intravision Group is advancing sustainability of global agriculture and food systems by marrying biologically optimized controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology with leading scientific research.  As a photobiology company focused on understanding photosynthesis, Intravision designs and manufactures tools for photosynthetically biological active radiation (BPAR).  Meaning we provide our partners with complete access to artificial solar radiation.  In a research environment an Intravision system is capable of achieving light intensities at five times the power of the sun.  Access to this broad range of spectrum enables our research partners to answer fundamental questions related to CEA production.  The addition of computer control then allows for optimization of spectral quality, empowering researches and ultimately growers, to environmentally engineer their plant production.  This technology working in concert with leading scientific minds uniquely equips Intravision to address four main commercial categories: (1) Indoor Horticulture (2) Vertical/Urban Farming (3) Molecular Farming of Plant Made Pharmaceuticals, and (4) Ornamental Greenhouse Production.

What is really interesting is what happens when we start playing with the light.  It is possible to “design” plants!  When given a specific light, nutrient and aerial treatment, in a strictly homogenized environment, it is fully possible influence the secondary Kuwait - Lettaceplant metabolisms related to nutrition, flavour or medicinal properties which,of course, has profound implications for the development of plant made pharmaceuticals.

If you have a CEA project you would like to discuss with us we do want to hear from you.  Intravision offers consulting, systems integration support and turnkey production platforms.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can collaborate.



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